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IN STOCK - TL 2 leather helmets are available and are IN STOCK  in Flat Black, Black, White, Red and Yellow ..... our inventory changes daily, please feel free to call the office to check availability....posted 07/19/24

TL 2 MILLERS:  As of 07/12/24 at 8am EST we have  1 ea Black TL 2 Miller IN STOCK ... please call the office to confirm availability....posted 07/19/24

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TL 2 NFPA Leather helmets - Please call the office for availability  ... place your order on our website or give our office a call at 603-641-6504 (Mon-Thurs 9am to 4pm EST and Friday 9am to 2pm EST).....Please remember inventory levels change on a continual basis ....all of the helmets that we order for stock are NFPA and are sold as a complete unit with both the 8" black detach earflap and ESS FirePro goggle with long strap, custom orders are always welcome.....Posted 07/19/24  8:00 am  EST

"BLACK OUT HARDWARE KIT" is now available at Granite State Fire Helmets -- Black Powder coated Eagle Finial w/hdw, shields posts, D-ring and 8 each black tetrahedrons all for $135, which includes USPS Priority shipping....PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE TO ORDER ... (this item is not currently listed on our website) .... 603-641-6504 Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm EST and Friday from 9am to 2pm EST....posted 07/19/24

 FIRST DUE NFPA HELMETS: Please call the office to order a First Due Helmet, they are not listed on our website for purchase .... Thank you, posted 07/19/24

SAN FRANCISCAN Full Size Presentation helmets ....please call the office to order, they are not listed on our website for purchase...Thank you, posted 07/19/24

CANCELLED ORDERS: a minimum of a $35 processing fee will be charged on all helmet orders that are canceled, or if a helmet is returned- original shipping charges are non-refundable...custom orders, non-stock helmets, once placed are non-refundable and non-returnable...  Thank you posted 07/19/24

TC 1 Composite and First Due helmets:  If you are interested in ordering one of these helmets please call the office directly at 603-641-6504.  

We do everything that we can to ensure the prices and information on our website is correct and up to date, we reserve the right to correct any pricing or information errors in the ordering process of products listed on our website. Thank you

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603-641-6504 Mon-Thurs 9am to 4pm EST Friday 9am to 2pm EST

The following are a list of bends that are available for a Phenix TL 2 :  the Boston flat brim, standard Phenix bend, Colorado and Bronx  (The cowboy bend has been discontinued by Phenix)....Thank you!

TL-2 Traditional Leather Phenix Helmets

TL-2 Miller Line Phenix Helmets

TC-1 Traditional Composite Phenix Helmet